Inviting to celebrate beauty and health, joy, and goodness.

We invite you to celebrate BEAUTY DAYS with us as every week in March we will give away 20 euros gift cards from sh/c Dole shops for you and your friend!

Follow Dole's Facebook posts from Friday, March 3.

Under the post, tag your friend to whom you want to give a gift card worth 20 euros (you can tag several friends by tagging each one in your comment).

Share the post on your FB timeline.

4 weeks, 4 pairs of gift cards each worth 20 euros.

We will draw gift cards worth 20 euros from DROGAS, MULTILUKSS, beauty salon KOLONNA DAY SPA and MĒNESS APTIEKA.

We will raffle one pair of gift cards every week!

Dates of draws: March 8; March 15; March 22; March 31.

May every day be BEAUTIFUL to you with sh/c Dole!

Opening Hours

First floor

P-Sv 09-21
Second floor

Mon-Sat 10-21, Sun 10-20

Third floor
Mon-Fri 10-20, Sat 10-18, Sun 10-16

Mon-Thu 9-22, Fri 9-23, Sat 10-23, Sun 10-22

Mēness Aptieka

Mon-Thu 8-21, Fri-Sun 9-21

Olympic Casino



Mon-Fri 8-22, Sat-Sun 9-22

VCA poliklīnika

P-Pk 8-20, S-Sv – slēgts